Within the historic and artistically rich land of Shekhawati’s, Exclusive and discreet, Shahpura Haveli has been host to royalty, celebrities, artists, and the discerning traveller. A splendid example of regal Indo-Saracenic architecture, the Palace combines the best of Indian and Mughal styles. The 300-year-old palace is a celebration of the senses, underlined at all times by contemporary luxury and the signature service of Shahpura Hotels Shahpura Being The Head Seat of Shekhawat and the Whole Area, The Royal Family has its boundaries spread across the Region.This palace is Overlooking to the Beautiful Warrior Fort of Shahpura, which belongs to the Family.An unparalleled gateway to Rajasthan’s Royal Lifestyle Holidays, Shahpura Haveli bears jaw-dropping frescoes, grand courtyards, magnificent dining arcades, and flattering heritage rooms and suites; each speaking with full-throated ease about the richness of Royal Rajasthani hospitality. The Palace has a Magnificent Durbar Hall which is Embeded in Gold, The Whole Hall is a Fine Example of Shekhawati Architecture with Gold Pillars depictingthe Royalty and Luxury of Shahpura. The Palace has retained its old charm and beauty and depicts various scenes of the grandeur and valor of the bygone days, the rich history of the Shekhawat clan still continued by the members of Shahpura Family.The Palace has a Beautiful Terrace where in the Evenings, one can View the Local folk musicians Performing in the Jharokha.

There are 100 rooms including Shahpura Suites, Palace rooms & Luxury Suites Tent. The rooms are tastefully designed and furnished with traditional architecture of Rajasthan and some decorated with frescoes, colored aarish and typical wall surface finish that takes back several centuries, carved, marble pillars.


The 20 Palace Suites in Shahpura Haveli redefines the word comfort. Each elegantly and luxuriously furnished room has its own unique personality. Four poster-beds draped with sheer, delicate fabric and exquisitely carved couches invite you to relax. Each Suite has been designed in such a way keeping the Luxury and Royalty in Mind and Each one of them depict History of Shahpura Royal Family in their Hanging Portraits along with Beautifully Carved Marble Pillars and Marble Inlay Work in the washrooms. Some of the Suites have Open Bathtub with rose petals that float in it along with that the beautiful intricate patterns on the rich carpets beneath your feet.The Palace also Offers Additional 80 Luxury Tents (On Request) for any Guest Destination Wedding.
Come alone, or better still, come with someone – In Shahpura, romance is the essence.