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Shahpura Hotels is one of the finest heritage hotels in the princely state of Rajasthan, providing a good example of history amalgamating with modern times. It glows as a composite creation blending the traditional with the best in modern architecture. Rooms at Shahpura Hotels are luxurious and equipped with the most contemporary facilities. The period furniture placed all over the hotels is more than a

visual delight. This heritage property offers you an utterly traditional Rajput hospitality amid the modern amenities in the same old environment of the golden era.

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Exquisite and discreet, it is a tribute to the glorious past of Shekhawati. An erstwhile royal principality located 65 km from the historic city of Jaipur, Shahpura Haveli is one of those few palaces and haveli’s in Shahpura that still have legendary Shekhawati frescos paintings in varied hues and designs.

Known for its refined hospitality and rare courtesy, the Haveli features a string of contemporary amenities with several recreational activities and excursions laced in pleasing ambiance. This lovingly restored heritage hotel is a welcome retreat for

discerning guests having a taste for royalty and luxury.


In the royal state of Rajasthan founded by Maharaj Surendra Singh, Shahpura Hotels is an incandescent souvenir of the royalty of the bygone era. Carrying on with their success in the hospitality industry, Mr. Digraj Singh Shahpura & Mr. Adhiraj Singh Shahpura plan on venturing into multiple cities across India with a wider growth strategy of the brand, under three categories – Palaces, Boutiques, and Residencies. Thereby, actively expanding the brand’s footprint keeping in mind, the evolution of customer needs and their emphasis on value-driven experiential travel giving distinct experiences to the loyal global consumer of today.












The Shahpura dynasty belongs to that generation where heritage, culture, and tradition mattered a lot. From the royal state of Rajasthan ‘SHAHPURA HOTELS’ was found by Maharaj Surendra Singh Ji Shahpura. Carrying on their success story, Mr. Digraj Singh & Mr. Adhiraj Singh Shahpura are currently maintaining the royal legacy and keeping it alive.

The history of Shahpura has been a significant part of the royal state. Maintaining the history of their Palaces, Forts, and Havelis has been a salient feature for Shahpura Group of Hotels. Recreating the past of Shahpura with authenticity and genuine ideas coming from the historical mindset full of true heritage feels, art, culture, and architecture matching in such a way so that the guests get the authentic feels of that bygone era.

With their ongoing success, Shahpura Hotels started with NGO names RRKF (Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation) by Rani Ratna Kumari Shahpura. The major objective of RRKF is to develop and support the hospitals, schools, temples and majorly focused on women empowerment by providing them with employment. 

Shahpura Hotels with glorious ideas if introducing the real history to our current generation with being a crucial part of the tourism industry along with the modern amenities. Hence, Shahpura Hotels is a known brand in luxury and heritage travel in India. 

Discover a true sense of style, substance, and soul of Rajasthan royalty with SHAHPURA HOTELS.