Talk to a local inhabitant of Shahpura and the pride and glow on his face as he speaks of the Shahpura Family, their glory, the family and its history, tells you more than just a simple story.


It reflects a deep involvement and love built caringly over long years of service and support. For the people of Shahpura and the villages around and about, Shahpura Hotels is woven into and sustains their lives. For us at Shahpura Hotels, the people and the community are our family and our responsibility.


Shahpura Hotels

ensure a sustainable and progressive community by providing employment in numerous ways to the people of the villages and in Jaipur. Most of the staff that serves at the Hotels comes from neighbouring homes and is trained by experts at Shahpura. Local produce is bought for the kitchens, much of the stone, the fabric, the arts, crafts, the glass work and other décor used in the hotels is created and crafted by local artisans and artists. Restoration and maintenance of the work is often entrusted to local skills.


The Shahpura Family, synonymous with the hotels, encourages education and assists with healthcare. Rani Ratna Kumari, wife of Maharaj Surendra Singh, present owner of Shahpura Hotels, has s tarted a social initiative by the name of Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation. The foundation runs schools, hospitals and veterinary clinics in the village. They build and help maintain temples to support the faith of the people. They bring in companies that sponsor education and healthcare.



Shahpura is the guests, and the hotels. But we never quite forget that the soul of Shahpura is its people.