Shahpura (Manoharpur) is the head seat of the Shekhawat Clan of Rajput’s and the famous Shekhawati derives its name from it. It is named after the founder ruler of Shekhawat Maha Rao Shekhaji and the Manoharpur Shahpura Family takes pride in being direct descendent — from Maha Rao Shekhaji.


As one drives past the town on the left of the road towards west of the highway leads to the Haveli. Set amidst green surroundings this place is typical of Shekhawati, and 300 years old created by Rao Pratap Singh.


After that Rao Dhir Singh gave the buildings at Shahpura a face lift. He also restructured and refurnished their old palatial house in Jaipur, which was converted into a


in 1991-92 by Maharaj Surendra Singh ji and named as SHAHPURA HOUSE.