The Shahpura Hotels

are an exceptional achievement in the restoration of a royal and valuable heritage.


They hold pride of place in

India’s heritage

and that of Rajasthan. The present owners, Maharaj Surendra Singh, descendant of the royal family of Shahpura, committed to restore the properties – the Hotels, the House (the royal residence) – to their splendid and personally attended by the owners, are also embedded with world-class contemporary luxury, original glory and offer the experience to discerning travellers from across the world. The hotels are planned for with great care during the restoration. A wealthy history blends seamlessly with the comforts of the present.


Shahpura hotels

have preserved the fusion of historical influences in the décor and design. The Indo-Saracenic architecture, opulent Mughal interiors, European furniture, and Rajasthani fabrics and design, blend together to showcase the history that lies behind Shahpura.


In a commitment to preserve the way of life of the people of Shahpura, inherited local knowledge, local skills, and wherever possible, local material have been used extensively during the restoration process.