Shahpura has come to mean many destinations because of the many experiences it provides. An erstwhile royal principality located 65 km from the historic city of Jaipur in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. The royal family has caringly restored their ancestral properties and these are now trend-setting and

exclusive hotels and resorts in Jaipur.


While the world visits, Shahpura continues to live its own life right outside the gates of the Haveli, in Shahpura, around Moti Mahal and all the way around the countryside to the other villages and fields of Shahpura. Shahpura (Manoharpur) is the head seat of the Shekhawat Clan of Rajput’s and the famous Shekhawati derives its name from it. It is named after the founder ruler of Shekhawat Maha Rao Shekhaji and the Manoharpur Shahpura Family takes pride in being direct descendent — from Maha Rao Shekhaji.


Guests are known to lose themselves in the maze of bougainvillea covered courtyards, connected by quaint narrow staircases and chance upon lounges adorned by charming arches, stunning mirror work, exquisitely painted walls and ceilings.Royal suites and rooms surround the courtyards, each with their unique personality and décor. Under the impressive Shahpura Fort, the private balconies, restaurants and dining areas – open out to the sky on clear days and starlit nights.